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Gay and Lesbian Travel, Caribbean

The Caribbean is incredibly divided when it comes to gay rights, probably one of the most diverse attitudes towards LGBT than any similar sized area in the World. Punishment in some countries can be as severe as a life prison sentence or 10 years hard labor.Jamaica is regarded as one of the most dangerous places for gay people while Saint Bart, Saint Martin, Curacao, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are the most open.

Curacao has been proud of its inclusion of LGBT people and in recent years embarked on a mission to place itself at the forefront of gay tourism for the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is the most famous destination for gay travellers with both the San Juan Pride and Boqueron Pride festivals held in June annually and Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest in November. In Cuba, while homosexuality is legal it is often prohibited for Cubans to engage socially with tourists. There are a number of gay places to visit in Cuba however you may need to try to acquaint yourself with a local to find it.

The region's tropical climate plays host to wealthy jungles, long white beaches and azure blue seas. In the Caribbean your entertainment is within outdoor activities, where you can use the diverse landscapes to make the most of your trip. You can hike through Puerto Rico’s cloud forest, turtle watch in Nevis, or snorkel in the warm Caribbean sea.


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